The Championships’ concept of “WATER MEETS THE FUTURE” expresses the hope that all the participants will meet the future.
The event takes aim to create the future of aquatic sports through innovative technology, and also create a future for the region by connecting various people.
The goal of the Championships is to go beyond the competitors and fans, and encourage as many people as possible to take action towards a bright and healthy future, therefore advancing the Championships from an event that simply entertains to an event that moves people over the 22 years since 2001.

Five Action Guidelines

1. Pursuing an athlete-first competition environment

  • The Championships will strive to run events that provide a competition environment where athletes can show their full potential.
  • This lays the foundations to achieve world records and creates an event that can be passed down to future generations.

2. Establishing a new standard through technology

  • The Championships will inherit the technical innovations for spectator sports from the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, and further develop these techniques.
  • The event will actively cooperate with local technology companies and create a new standard for the World Championships by developing each programme.

3. Spreading the unique attractions of Fukuoka

  • The Championships will take advantage of lesser-known local attractions and become an event through which visitors can make new discoveries.
  • Also, it will create a special festival atmosphere and unite the whole region through the participation and aspirations of local people.

4. Improving quality of life

  • The Championships will be the beginning of a bright and healthy future.
  • The event supports activities that extend healthy lifespans by enjoying swimming and cultural activities with an international scope.
  • Preparations are being made with this in mind before the event and this will create connections to other large movements in health and culture.

5. Power and independence

  • The Championships will host events in which diverse groups of individuals can come together and share the same spirit.
  • The event operations will proactively go beyond culture and class, and strive to be an event that creates a great sensation across the Kyushu region, Japan as a whole, and Asia and the world.

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